Alternative Sports Activities

When the weather conditions are not favorable for flight, visitors can enjoy these other sports activities.


This new sport, where a buggy is pulled by a kite from a northerly wind, is becoming increasingly popular. Referred to as "fly surfing" on the water, this land version is equally exhilarating as it can cover long distances at good speeds.


Rafting in the Valnerina region of Umbria in the Sibillini Mountains National Park. For information visit.

Horseback Riding:

Enjoy horseback riding on the "piano grande," or Great Plain, near the village of Castelluccio.


A fully-equipped archery range is available and located near the Prodelta school.

Kite Flying:

The "piano grande," or Great Plain is the perfect spot to fly a kite.


Trekking ed escursioni con i muli








Mountain biking:




Speleology and rafting: