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PRODELTA, National School of free flight gliding, certification nĀ° 12 of ā€™ AeCI, born in ā€™ year 1976 at Castelluccio di Norcia from the collaboration and subsequent aggregation of some pioneers free flight enthusiasts hang gliding, then only means available to allow the flight with takeoff from a slope. Aim of the school was and is the difusion of free flight, and the site then opted for teaching, Castelluccio di Norcia, by virtue of a terrain suitable for free flight, has soon known not only throughout Italy, but also in European countries, so much that at present there are many European schools that lead their students in this lovely place to taste the first contacts with the flight.

In 1978 Claudio Papa, one of the pioneers, detects the school, Since then he has always directed with excellent results on both the curriculum and the technician, bringing the students not only to fly breaking away from the slope to reach the landing ā€™, but making them also acquire all the technical knowledge of the flight that could fly safely extending your stay and distance.

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For over 30 years, the Prodelta is a national school of free flight gliding that organizes paragliding courses, gliding courses and paramotor courses.
In summer it is based in Castelluccio di Norcia (Perugia) and in winter in Poggio Bustone in province of Rieti. We organize courses for students of all levels, from the beginner to the more experienced pilots. The school currently employs a qualified technical staff over the years has been renovated and improved
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The Prodelta also offers the opportunity to experience the indescribable feeling of flying the easy way, more easily and safely flying in paragliding and in tandem hang-gliding with experienced pilots enabled, aboard the best equipment, for an exciting and memorable flight..

The Prodelta is also involved in the sale of sports equipment for free flight like sails, hang gliders, engines, jumpsuits, Helmets, reserve parachute, radio and measuring instruments.

Free flight courses of Prodelta

Paragliding courses

Paragliding course
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Hang Gliding courses

Free-flight hang gliding course
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Paramotor courses

Paramotor course
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Tandem paragliding and hang gliding

Enabling tandem flight hang gliding and paragliding
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Tandem flights

Paragliding Tandem flights

Paragliding Tandem flight
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Hang-Gliding tandem flights

Hang-Gliding Tandem flight
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